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Licence Classes

There are twelve fundamental categories of gaming licences. The licensing and governing principles associated with each are prescribed in the Gaming Legislation of 2014.

Section 24 of the Gaming Act 2014 outlines the qualification criteria to be eligible to apply for a licence under the Act. All licence applications must be lodged with the Secretary of the Board, as per Section 27 of the Act in a form determined by the Board, with accompanying information and documents determined by the Board.


Gaming Licences and Tax Returns

Gaming Licence and Tax

Mobile Gaming Licence

Proxy Gaming Licence

Restricted Interactive Gaming Licence

Junket Operator Licences

Junket Operator Licence

Gaming House Licences

Gaming House Operator Licence

Gaming House Premises Licence

Gaming House Agent Licence

Employee Licences

Key Employee Licence

Gaming Employee Licence

Temporary Employee Licence

Supplier Licences

Supplier Licence