Patron Disputes Complaints

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Patron Disputes Complaints

1) A licence holder referred to in this Part shall, if required by the Board, include on an appropriate page within the part of its website explaining the availability of a mechanism for resolving a patron complaint, a hyperlink to the page on the Board website dealing with its handling of disputes.


2) Where a registered patron makes a complaint to the Board about the operations of a licence holder, the complaint shall be dealt with by the Board in accordance with this regulation.


3) In the first instance, a duly authorized officer of the Board shall, by establishing contact with the licence holder and the relevant patron, attempt to resolve by agreement between the patron and the licence holder or associate any dispute between them on which the complaint is based.


4) Where the procedure set out in paragraph (3) is unsuccessful, the Board shall cause a full investigation of the complaint to be carried out by a duly authorized officer of the Board who, after consideration of a report about the complaint and the investigation thereof, shall:

a) make a preliminary determination of the matter in dispute between the patron and the licence holder; and

b) give written notice of that determination and the reasons for it to the patron and the licence holder, at the same time enquiring of them whether each accepts his determination.


5) Where both the patron and the licence holder accept the preliminary determination of the Board, this determination shall be treated as final.


6) Where one or both of the recipients of the Board's preliminary determination do not accept it, the complaint shall be referred to the Board for hearing under regulation 29.